From the beginning of the global pandemic, we have consumed more than 2 trillion disposable masks that have been thrown into the environment.


and there are currently 50,000 being added every second.

Our unshakeable desire to substitute the disposable culture for ecoefficient solutions has led to develop the etrëma masks, a preferred alternative for companies and consumers concerned with minimizing their ecological footprint.
They complies with the international standard ASTM F3502-21 (for workplaces) which is intended to ensure that the barrier face coverings are meeting the stated requirements to reduce the number of expelled droplets and aerosols from the wearer’s nose and mouth into the air and offer a degree of particulate filtration which reduce the amount of inhaled particulate (Recognized by the CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the ISRP – The International Society for Respiratory Protection).

People wearing an usual reusable face covering mostly protect others around them, while people wearing a high-quality product go one step beyond by ensuring their own protection in addition to prevent transmission risks.

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This high performance eco-efficient barrier face covering stands out for its exceptionnal breathability and lightness. These characteristics make the highly breathable ëAIRa revolution in this field allowing natural breathing even during a sustained effort.


Exceptional comfort and sealing created by the 3D ergonomic shape, this ultra light eco-efficient barrier face cover offer incredible breathability made by the optimal air exchange surface while providing regulated filter protection.


Renowned for its 5-pleat build offering an expendable full face coverage, this eco-efficient barrier face cover offers multi-layered protection reusable for over 100 times, excellent breathability and filtering all sizes of particles.

From the start of the crisis, Frëtt Solutions understood the urgency of developing a high-performance, sustain- able and standards-compliant alternative to disposable

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Offer to your team a reliable protection as our eco-efficient etrëma® Barrier Face Coverings are meeting 100% of the highest safety criteria.

Reduce your administrative tasks: 1 mask can be used for more than 20 weeks, meaning 2 orders per year for all your team.

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For Quebec companies, please notice that etrëma® face covers are in the process of being attested by the BNQ* (Bureau de normalization du Québec). Please complete the form HERE to be informed of their availability date.


Early 2021 the ASTM International finally approved a new standard for reusable barrier face coverings (F3502) which establishes minimum design, performance, labeling and care requirements in order to help protecting the general public and workers.
Our etrëma® high-performance barrier face coverings not only maintain their efficiency after more than 100 washes, they as well offer incomparable breathability with around 3.65 to 5 mmH2O/cm2 of induced differential pressure (comparable to a disposable face mask).
The ëncore® technology consists of an innovative assembly which puts in use the complementarities of various technical fabrics regarding fine (submicronic) particles’ filtration, and ensures the stability of their performances by protecting them from wear during the many cycles of uses and washes of their extended service life.
But the best is, ONLY ONE ëtrema® eco-efficient barrier face covering can be worn and washed every day for 4-5 months, avoiding the consumption of more than 200 disposable masks!

How does the ëncore® reusable protection works?

Scientific results

Designed for maximum comfort to carry out your working day hassle-free by providing optimal breathability, these eco-efficient barrier face coverings will ensure the highest level protection. To meet the international safety standards, our etrëma® face cover went through a series of tests for breathability, filtration efficiency and flammability.

Ergonomic shape with multiple uses

The 3D ergonomic shape (ËTECH) and the 5-pleat design (ËPRO& ËAIR) prevent your face covering from touching your mouth while speaking or breathing and can be very useful for other situations, such as: Hospital visit, cold or flu, travel, public transportation, pollution, seasonnal allergies and immune system deficiency.

WARNING: this barrier face covering is not a medical face mask as defined in ASTM F2100, is not intended for use in medical procedures, and is not a respirator. 

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Frëtt Solutions launches washable, durable, eco-efficient etrëma® high performance face coverings

Frëtt Solutions launches washable, durable, eco-efficient etrëma® high performance face coverings Finally a real protective alternative to disposable masks The technological breakthrough and vision of this Canadian company pave the way for washable, CDC-recommended face masks compliant with AFNOR and ASTM standards.   Following 18 months of R&D and production, Frëtt Solutions has become the first company worldwide to market high performance face coverings that can be washed over 100 times

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How do our masks protect you?

How are you protected? The combination of textiles in our multilayer filtration medium * helps to protect the wearer of the mask (you) in addition to others. All our masks are tested by the Robert-Sauvé Health and Safety Research Institute (IRSST) and meet 100% of its performances’ criteria.     Here are more details: 1 & 4 The inner and outer layers are made of moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fabrics This ultra-light

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A new Quebec attestation program for the regulation of the manufacturing of non-medical masks dedicated to the workplaces

Frëtt Design and its Frëtt Solutions division are pleased to witness the creation of a formal Quebec attestation program that will allow workers to wear reusable (washable) non-medical masks recognised by the Standards Commission on Equity, Health and Safety in the Workplace (CNESST) and certified by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ).   “Aware of  the necessity to reduce the use of certified procedural or medical masks, quantities of

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Frëtt Solutions is the Research and Development division of Frëtt Design, a Caplan (Gaspé peninsula) company established for the past 25 years in Quebec. Devoted to its environmental values, Frëtt Solutions has produced since 2020 technical products in Canada, including high-performance reusable face coverings under the etrëma® brand name, that rigorously meets international protection standards.

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