Discover the etrëma® medical masks

  • Barrier effect (filtration + sealing) 30% to 75% higher than disposable masks
  • Excellent breathability, +35% breathable than disposable equivalent
  • 8 hours of comfort and ultimate protection with every breath
  • Medical certifications that meet INSPQ/CNESST requirements
  • Authorized for use in all workplaces (medical standard EN14683:2019 Type IIR)

Patented technology: PCT/CA2021/050539

100% local innovation and manufacturing

masques ëair imprimé femme

For active people, maximum breathability Protection level 1


$ 32,50 CAD

masque ëair imprimé femme haute performance

For workers in contact with the public, high performance Protection level 2


$ 36,00 CAD

masque ëtech blanc homme haute performance

For healthcare professionals, non-contact 3D design Protection level 3


$ 37,50 CAD

The 7 Wonders of the etrëma mask

Eco-designed for ultimate all-day comfort.

etrëma ®

The only

7-star masks

across the board

ëncore® Patented Technology

  • Structural OPTIMIZATION of fibers for medical performance in filtration and breathability without unstable or toxic treatments (electrostatic, additives, nanomaterials, etc.).
  • Mutual PROTECTION of the layers for day after day durability and control of the loss of fine fibers by friction, wash after wash and during handling.
  • RETENTION of fibers for maximum safety in layered textiles, without dispersion outside the multilayer and without contamination of users and the environment.

Medical certifications that meet INSPQ/CNESST

  • Tested in ISO 17025 laboratories
  • Complies with North American ASTM F3502-21 standards and requirements
  • Certification for medical device: EN 14683: 2019 type IIR
  • Liquid resistance level 3 ASTM F1862 (160 mm Hg)

All our masks are recognized and verified by the CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


1mask4change english - 1mask4change - solutions after covid against ecological disaster - Frëtt solutions
Duck with mask ecological disaster Frëtt Solutions

Together, let’s stop this environmental disaster!

Disposable masks pollute and release nano and micro plastic particles into our environment.

With 50,000 masks thrown away every second, make a difference and join the movement. #1mask4change

In addition to its eco-responsible design, a donation of $1 per mask will be given to Earth Day Canada to support its environmental mission.

1st entirely circular reusable mask

Frett Solutions has developed the first completely zero waste reusable mask. Return your masks to us by mail at the end of their lives or contact us to obtain a special storage box.

For every etrëma washable mask sold, 200 disposable masks are spared and now $1 goes directly to Earth Day Canada’s planting projects across the country!

The etrëma mask protects you and protects the Planet

For every etrëma washable mask sold, 200 disposable masks are spared and now $1 goes directly to Earth Day Canada’s planting projects across the country!

“As soon as I put on the Frëtt mask, I felt protected on all sides. The usual blue disposable masks let the air pass through the sides and are not adjusted. With the Frëtt mask, it’s just the opposite. Very comfortable mask. I liked having the option of leaving it around my neck with the removable cord.”

Isabelle Noël – Montreal: (the brown one)


So much better for the environment than disposable and without compromising the protection. I have been using them for over a year with great satisfaction.

-Philippe Corlieu, osteopath
ÉtoilesÉtoilesÉtoilesÉtoilesÉtoiles ë PRO

We love etrëma masks. They are light, breathable and cover the face well.
-Caroline Dubé et Julie Lebrasseur, occupational therapists,
CISSS du Bas St-Laurent
ÉtoilesÉtoilesÉtoilesÉtoilesÉtoiles ë AIR


The mask is the best I’ve used so far. Comfortable fit, and my glasses never fog. Very breathable. Fantastic Canadian product!
-Dr Jonathan Berdugo, Dental surgeon
ÉtoilesÉtoilesÉtoilesÉtoilesÉtoiles ë PRO

I have been wearing only PRO masks for almost 2 years. Since I work with patients as well as with specialized equipment, I need a versatile mask. In addition to being able to wear it for a long time, it doesn’t prevent me from talking to people or on the phone without having to remove it.

-Alexandre Wickham, podologue, osteopath
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