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In order to make the population aware of the ecological disaster that is happening with more than             2.9 trillion (2 900 billion) masks discarded, we invite you to take part in the #1mask4change movement.

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a disastrous overuse of disposable masks. Imagine that EVERY SECOND 50,000 masks are being thrown out. We have passed 2.9 trillion.

This endangers our already fragile and increasingly threatened environment, as well as the survival of all living beings.

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The benefits of wearing a mask are enormous, so we must continue to wear one, but we absolutely must apply solutions that consider both our health and the preservation of our environment.

It is URGENT to inform the planet that a solution exists!

There are many masks and face coverings on the market and it may be difficult to understand their specificities. It is important to be aware that the effectiveness of face coverings differs greatly from one model to another. 


ASTM International recently approved its new standard (F3502-21) for reusable face coverings like AFNOR (did with SPEC S76-001) in 2020. The EN 14683: 2019 is the European standard for medical procedure masks. All these standards aim to protect the public and the workers by setting strict rules for design, performances and labelling.  

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Together, put a brake on the pollution by disposable masks which release pollution and nano- & micro-plastics particles into our environment!

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etrëma reusable masks are governed by these international standards and have been tested many times in laboratories, always after 100 machine washes, to ensure results and to compare them with disposable masks …

This is why we can affirm, scientific results in support, that etrëma washable masks provide protection not only in conformity with disposable surgical masks, but better!

Their filtration and breathability are equivalent but their fit and design allow a better sealing and long-term wear (8hrs / day).  Add to all this that they are reusable at least 100 times and  are totally recyclable (zero waste) at the end of their useful life …

Did you know that a single etrëma mask replaces 200 disposable masks?

This represents a saving of 97.3% of raw materials, management, transport and handling.

Make your values shine and take part to the #1mask4change movement by taking a picture of yourself with an etrëma face mask and share with the mention:

1 more etrëma mask = 200 less disposable masks
I protect us, I protect the planet.

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