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The main difference between the ëTECH and the ëPRO/ëAIR is the design. The ëPRO/ëAIR are distinguished by their 5 lateral pleats, similar to those of disposable masks, but better adjusted, personalized and water-resistant. They are compact and offer good coverage. The ëTECH is our “signature” mask offering unparalleled comfort and optimal sealing, thanks to its 3D ergonomic design that never touches the mouth.

The ëPRO and ëAIR, are very similar at first glance but they offer different levels of protection. The ëPRO has a more efficient filter with slightly lower breathability, while the ëAIR offers high breathability and a little less filtration.

Yes. Double vaccination reduces the risk of catching the coronavirus, but does not completely eliminate it. Vaccinated or not, we can be carriers without knowing it. Wearing a high performance mask, filtering out submicron particles like etrëma masks, is the best way to block the pathogens that could be contained in the droplets and aerosols generated by a person when speaking, singing, coughing or sneezing.

However, wearing a mask does not replace hand washing, compliance with sanitary instructions, environmental health and should not diminish efforts to promote physical distance.

All etrëma masks comply with the performance required by the EN 14683: 2019 II R standard. This standard is among those required by the CNESST for masks to be used in workplaces in Quebec.

In order to protect the health of workers in Quebec, the CNESST has defined the minimum performance required of masks that can be used in Quebec workplaces. To ensure an adequate supply and allow workplaces to choose the equipment best suited to their needs, several types of masks that meet defined evaluation processes can be used. In its publications, the CNESST refers to the different types of masks authorized by the designation “quality mask”. The different types of equipment being considered “quality masks” by the CNESST according to defined evaluation processes are:

  • Masks certified by the Bureau de normalization du Québec (BNQ). The quality of manufacture of these masks is framed by the attestation booklet 1922-900.
  • Medical masks whose performance meets the North American standard ASTM F2100 level 1, 2 or 3.
  • Medical masks whose performance is adapted to European standard EN14683 type IIR.
  • Respirators equipped with a particulate filter approved by NIOSH (USA).
  • Respirators equipped with a particulate filter certified by CSA (Canada) under programs 7204-01, 7204-02 or 7204-03.
  • Respiratory protective devices equipped with a particle filter approved by Health Canada when a quality monitoring mechanism involves an external laboratory competent in the matter (eg IRSST).


Workplaces can choose either of these pieces of equipment as a “quality mask” for their workers. Similarly, an equipment manufacturer can choose from these six processes to evaluate the performance of their product. Products meeting the requirements of an accelerated process above can be used as quality masks in Quebec workplaces. etrëma masks have passed the tests and comply with the EN14683 type IIR standard. See test results

ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) recently approved new standards for face covers (F3502-21), reusable or not, to help protect the general public and workers by establishing strict safety standards on design, performance and labeling. The development of this international standard provides a consistent baseline against which to compare product claims in terms of filtration efficiency, breathability, reuse and leaking.

ASTM F3502-21 also provides requirements for the general construction of masks, the use of non-irritating and non-toxic materials, flammability, size chart and shelf life. Manufacturers can now claim that their reusable masks meet the basic efficacy criteria described in F3502-21. The label sewn into the masks is also regulated and proves to the consumer that their mask meets the standards mentioned on the label.

Filtration efficiency

Filtration efficiency level refers to the ability of materials to prevent particles from passing through it when the user inhales or exhales. The higher the filtration efficiency level, the more particles are blocked. It is important to check which particle sizes the advertised filtration percentages refers to. Ads sometimes lack clarity on this matter.

The ASTM F3502-21 standard provides two levels of classification for reusable masks, depending on the result of filtration tests, level 1 which filters at least 20% of particles and level 2 which filters at least 50%.



Breathability is how easily you can breathe through a material. If it is difficult to breathe while wearing a reusable mask, it will not be possible to wear it for a long time. Therefore, in addition to filtration efficiency, ASTM has set standards for breathability. This resistance to the passage of air is measured in mm of H2O. Its value must not exceed 15 for level 1 and 5 for level 2.

The requirements for level 1 are therefore at least 20% filtration for 15 mm or less H2O. For level 2, the requirement is at least 50% filtration efficiency and not more than 5 mm H2O.



A mask is considered reusable when it can be washed and worn again instead of being thrown away. Products marketed as “reusable” must meet the requirements of the ASTM standard for filtration efficiency and breathability right out of the packaging and after the maximum number of wash or clean cycles stated by the manufacturer.



Tightness represents the mask’s ability to fit to the face so that air cannot pass anywhere other than through the filter. The less air can escape from the sides, top or bottom, the more airtight the mask is.

At Frëtt Solutions, the environment, safety, comfort and quality always come first, which is why it is important for us to offer masks made of several layers of reliable, durable protection, containing no additives, to block pathogens of all sizes, dust and pollen.

Two simple measurements let you know which mask size is right for you. First, measure the width of your face from the lowest part of the ear canal on one side, through the tip of the nose, to the other side. Then measure the distance from the deepest part at the top of the nose between the eyes to the tip of the chin. Once you have these measures, please refer to the size chart.

If you’re hesitating between 2 sizes, it is recommended to opt for the larger one in order to enjoy optimal breathability and an adequate fit. The mask should cover the face from the top of the nose to under the chin and minimize the passage of air through the top, cheeks, sides and bottom of the mask.

Proud of its deep environmental values, Frëtt Design, an ecoresponsible company established for 25 years in Caplan (Gaspésie) in Quebec, understood from the start of the pandemic the urgency of developing a solution that complies with the standards in force and a durable replacement for disposable masks. Frëtt Solutions, the Research and Development division of Frëtt Design, was then created. The work is long and difficult, especially in Quebec, the only province where disposable masks are required to be worn in schools and workplaces. It is already a great achievement that our masks are in demand on the European and American markets, which have understood the urgency of eliminating single-use masks.

The ëncore® technology consists of an innovative assembly that uses the complementarities of various technical fabrics for the filtration of fine particles (submicron) and guarantees the maintenance of their performance by protecting them from wear during many cycles of use and washes. Technical constraints therefore limit us in the choice of colors.

For a large order, it may be possible to have a color of your choice made on request.

Of course! Etrëma masks are available in our two stores, in Montreal at 1120, rue Beaubien est, Montreal, QC, H2S 1T5 and in Caplan at 37, rue des Plaines, Caplan, QC, G0C 1H0.

Please refer to the Contact us page for opening hours.

All our masks allow an adjustment at the ears or around the head according to the models. We also offer accessories to make your mask even more comfortable and leakproof.

Our masks designs are made to increase the efficiency on the wearer up to 96% if tell adjusted.

Per example, a procedural mask when worned with the elastic around the ears (visible space on the sides) is at 25% efficiency and when tighten (no visible space on the sides) is around 40-45%.

In order to maximise the product efficiency, or if you are going into a high risk places, we suggest to maximise the efficiency by tightning you mask with head accessories:

Ear savers: https://solutions.frettdesign.ca/en/boutique/recycled-plastic-ear-savers/

Head strap: https://solutions.frettdesign.ca/en/boutique/head-accessory-rope/

The elastic extension, made from recycled polypropylene, gets attached to the end of the elastic on one side and allows for longer reach while removing pressure on the back of the ears. You just have to hook the other elastic to the “wave” in the correct position. Its rough side prevents it from slipping on the hair.

The drawstring cord gets attached to the end of each elastic and allows the mask to be hung in the neck when not needed. This avoids losing it, leaving it on surfaces which may not be clean or contaminating these surfaces. The small cord lock in the center tightens the cords behind the head to reduce pressure on the ears and improve the seal on the face.

Machine wash or dry heat before each use. Combinations of both disinfection modes are possible as well (e.g. 1 machine wash every 5 dry heats).

Machine wash: Ideally, put the face cover(s) in a mesh bag and wash it with pale clothes, to increase durability.

Wash delicate cycle, water temperature 40-70 C. Minimum 30-minute cycle. Use regular detergent, you can add sodium percarbonate in recommended amount but no softener, no bleach, no additives.

Hang or lay flat to dry. Tumble-dry at low or medium temperatures is permitted, without metal or hard pieces.

Write with an indelible pencil on the grid on the back of the inner label the number of washes you have carried out.

Dry heat maintenance: preheat the oven to 93 C (200 F); when the temperature is reached and verified with a thermometer placed inside the oven, put the mask(s) on a clean rack or parchment paper and leave for 30 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes.

– Mind the proximity or contact with heating elements.

Store in a clean, dry place, avoid heat above 100 C (212 F).

Check the condition of the face cover(s) after each care. If any part appears worn, pierced, unstitched or damaged, it is then time to use a new one and discard this one.

Unless it appears to be a stitch that can easily be repaired, you should dispose of the mask in a Zero Waste box provided for this purpose or mail your mask to us.


So to keep the efficiency maximized, you can do a mix of both care instructions (water & dry heat). Per example, do dry heat every day of the week and the Friday a machine wash that you let air dry.

This way you will do 20 washes (water) for 100 dry heat and you will maintain excellent efficiency.

The important thing to do is to make sure you verify your temperature BEFORE putting the mask in. We suggest to use a meat thermometer because regular ovens can lack precision on their actual temperature.-

Yes, the size “small” is suitable for children and small faces. Note that barrier masks should not be worn by very young children (<2 years).

It is recommended that the mask be changed if it is wet, soiled, damaged, or if breathing is difficult. If the materials are wet, it is more difficult to breathe. The same mask should not be worn for more than 6-8 hours at a time.

Etrëma masks have been tested for over 100 washes, which is equivalent to one mask worn and washed every day/ 5 days a week / for 4-5 months.

The label inside the mask has a grid on which you can mark each wash with a permanent marker.

After 100 washes of use in the workplace, nothing prevents you from continuing to wear it for personal use or when traveling for leisure. It can thus continue a second life cycle outside of work as long as its components are in good condition.

When your mask has reached the end of its useful life or if it is damaged, you can drop it off in a zero waste mask box if there is one at your workplace. If you do not have access to a box provided for this purpose, you can put it (once carefully washed) in a letter-size envelope and return it to the following address:


Frëtt Solutions

37, rue des Plaines

Caplan (Quebec)

G0C 1H0


We will send it to the Go Zero company so that the materials can be sorted and processed for reuse.

All of our masks have built-in filters designed for effective and comfortable protection. They are therefore much easier to use and require much less handling than masks with removable filters. In addition, the entire surface of the mask offers the same level of high protection.

So you don’t need extra filters and all the results we are showing in our table are after 100 regular washes in a machine.

Please note that, for hygiene and safety reasons, no exchange or refund will be authorized for orders of masks and bags already delivered. Once the order has been confirmed in the shopping cart, it is considered as final and non-refundable. Thank you for understanding.

If you have any questions about this, we invite you to contact us directly with your full name, order number (if applicable) and phone number. We will contact you as soon as possible.

At this time, there are no taxes or additional charges added to your order. 

In the United States, there’s no customs fees for this kind of product. The SH code is 6307.90.9845 and the origin is 100% from Canada. 

We will update this section as necessary.

We deliver all across North America. It usually takes 2 to 3 days for shipments to leave our warehouse in Caplan (Quebec) and then 1 to 7 days for the package to be delivered depending on where you are located. Note that there is no delivery charge if you pick up your order in store (Caplan or Montreal).

Face covers should not be worn by a person with breathing problems, or by a person who is unconscious or unable to remove the face cover without assistance, etc.

Level 1 face covers provide resistance to the passage of air that may not be suitable for very young children or adults with difficulty breathing. A level 2 barrier mask is recommended. The barrier mask contains metal and should not be worn during MRI procedures.

We offer wholesale prices for businesses, government, organizations and schools.

It is also possible to customize your masks under certain conditions.

For more information, complete the form on the following page: https://solutions.frettdesign.ca/wholesale-orders/

The ëncore® technology consists of an innovative assembly that uses the complementarities of various technical fabrics for the filtration of fine particles (submicron) and guarantees the maintenance of their performance by protecting them from wear during numerous cycles of use and wash. The materials are carefully chosen for their filtering qualities of particles of all sizes, air permeability as well as for their durability. The absence of treatment or toxic additives allows optimal natural filtration by fibers only, safe, durable and proven after more than 100 washes.

This patented technology has been developed to meet the highest safety standards. People who wear a simple reusable face cover primarily protect others, but those who wear a high-quality product go further by contributing to their own protection in addition to reducing the risk of transmission.

The most extraordinary thing about etrëma masks is that ONLY ONE eco-efficient mask can be worn and washed every day for 4 to 5 months, which avoids the consumption of over 200 disposable masks!

Since we place human safety and environmental protection at the forefront of our efforts, we have been able to develop the world’s first mask that is high performance, eco-efficient and reusable (over 100 washes), as well as featuring a permanent, highly breathable and highly efficient filter capable of capturing ultrafine particles while protecting the environment from millions of disposable masks.

Meeting the highest safety standards set by influential standardization institutions including AFNOR, European EN and American ASTM International, they offer 3 times the protection of other reusable fabric masks listed on the CDC website – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Since our reusable masks are standardized and have been tested in laboratories, we are able to scientifically state that a single etrëma mask can replace 200 disposable masks. In order to make the population aware of the ecological disaster that is happening with more than 2.4 trillion masks discarded, we invite our customers to take a picture of them with their mask and to share it with the tag # 1mask4change.

All our products are made in Quebec, Canada.

72 % of our components are from Canada, 17 % USA, 6 % Germany, 3 % France and 2 % China.

To ensure an optimal fit of the mask so that it completely covers the nose and mouth, as well as to prevent leakage and not having to touch it, please follow these steps:

  1. Place the face cover over your nose and mouth and the elastics around your ears or head (depending on the model). The border containing the metal strip constitutes the top of the mask to be placed on the nose. 
  2. Adjust the ear elastics while centering the face cover.
  3. Pinch the metal nose piece to feel comfortable.
  4. Make sure that the outline of the mask touches all around your face, loosen or tighten the elastics if necessary. It should not be possible for a finger to be inserted between the mask and your face.
  5. If needed, you can use a head accessory to reduce pressure behind the ears or for more comfort. Please visit: (https://solutions.frettdesign.ca/online-store/
  6. It is best not to touch the mask until it is time to remove it.
  7. After wearing your face cover, place it in a sealed bag until it is washed.
  8. Wash your hands.

Any other questions?

We will be happy to help you. Please visit our contact page to get all our details and a contact form!