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Reusable high-performance mask (tested by the IRSST) Child size –...

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IN STOCK choices of colors and fabrics

IN STOCK choices of colors and fabrics

This reusable high performance mask is comfortable and will allow your child or an adult with a small face to go about daily activities, both in the workplace or at school and in everyday life.

The format is recommended for children from 5 to 12 years old.

Among the most effective in Quebec and in Canada

Our masks are ranked among the most effective in Quebec and  in Canada. Reusable for a large number of washes, 4-layer multilayer with integrated filters, Frëtt Solutions high performance masks meet 100% of the IRSST’s highest criteria.

To date, we are one of the few companies in Canada capable of manufacturing a washable mask that offers filtration (65% or more), breathability and protection against small particles spraying superior to the recommendations of the Research Institute Robert-Sauvé in occupational health and safety (IRSST), the laboratory mandated by the government of Quebec. Note: in comparison, a procedural mask offers 80% filtration and regular (homemade) fabric masks between 5% and 25%. For more details on the performance of the mask, see the section below: Scientific Results.

Developed in the Gaspé peninsula and manufactured in Quebec, they are designed to be efficient, well adjusted to different face morphologies in addition to being light and comfortable.

Adjustment systems

Elastic ears (nylon). A model with elastic around the head is also available: click here to see the product.

Integrated Filters

The thickness of the filter material is a guarantee of filtering efficiency and durability while remaining very light. The breathability remains above average and is not affected by the thickness of the material. In addition, the 3D look is a plus in hot weather, the mask will never stick to your mouth. Note that the filter becomes softer from wash to wash.


After 100 washes, the combination of materials still maintains a minimum efficiency of around 65% or more for all particle sizes between 20 nanometers (nm) to 2 micrometers (µm), which is the threshold recommended by the IRSST for manufacturing of barrier masks.

The pressure drop (resistance to flow) is greater than that of the reference material and is between the normative limits of level 1 and 2 masks. This mask also has a pressure drop in accordance with the recommendations of the IRSST for making barrier masks, ie, less than 11 Pa.s / cm.

LEARN MORE about the mask: IRSST notice

LEARN MORE about the IRSST’s material tests

Features in brief

  • High-performance, multi-layer (4 layers) prevention barrier mask with integrated filters (tested by the IRSST laboratory)
  • Mask meets 100% of the IRSST’s highest safety criteria
  • Filtration at 3μm and more, after washes: 97% (large particles)
  • Proven filtration efficiency at 0,01 to 3μm after washes: min. 65% (fine particles)
  • Scored 20/20 on pressurized atomization tests (spraying)
  • Breathability (pressure drop): 8,55 Pa*s/cm (Differential pressure)
  • Efficiency intact after 100 washes (tested at 108 washes)
  • Adjustable elastic at ears (nylon) or head circumference (rubber): your choice
  • No central seam (a transverse seam breaks the microbial barrier)
  • Dimensions: (standard) height: 18 cm / with: 23 cm (children) height: 15 cm / with: 19,5 cm
  • Materials: Shell: 100% cotton or 100% rayon or 50% cotton / 50% polyester. Other layers: polypropylene and polyester
  • Unique and ample design (3D bubble effect) to provide comfort in hot weather and to prevent moisture from breaking the protective barrier by contact with the mouth
  • Features a malleable metal band on the nose (prevents fogging with glasses) and adjustment at the bottom of the mask (chin), ensuring a better seal
  • Reusable, durable and washable more than 100 times (hand wash or machine wash in warm or hot water in a mesh bag). Hang to dry or tumble dry at low temperature for improved durability
  • Eco-responsible and ethically made entirely in Quebec
  • This mask can cover an N95 respirator. In the event of a real or perceived shortage of N95 respirators, it will be possible to reuse an N95 respirator (reserved exclusively for use by a health worker) and cover it with a Frëtt Solutions mask to extend its use. Source: Institut national de santé publique du Québec
  • Patented concept and pattern

The adjustment system is made of either rubber bands (headband model) normally used in the high-end swimwear industry or knitted stretch nylon (ear model). They are resistant to bleach, heat, UV rays and stretching. These elastics are therefore durable in addition to being very comfortable to wear.

TIP: The elastics are adjustable, tie a knot. The knot then slides to disappear into the sides of the masks for more elegance. Leave the knots tied before washing to avoid losing them in the washer.

Watch the tutorial below on how to fit and wear the Frëtt mask to learn more.

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The high performance barrier mask, as the name suggests, is a “barrier” type mask, it protects others from your bodily projections from coughing, sneezing and speaking.

Our masks are in the process of certification in order to be able to offer a high-performance alternative to disposable surgical masks. Until then, please follow the CNESST’s instructions.

Before putting on your mask, wash your hands and do not touch the mask once it is on. A cloth mask does not exempt you from washing your hands, on the contrary.

Wash your hands before putting on your mask. Make sure you don’t touch your mask once it’s in place. A fabric mask is not a substitute for hand washing.

  • Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, rinse and dry your hands
  • Place the mask over your mouth
  • Position the elastics around your ears or head (depending on the model)
  • Push the metallic band onto your nose
  • Ensure that you have a good seal around the mask
  • Do not touch the mask again until you take it off

To dispose of the mask, place it in a sealed bag until you can wash it.

  • Take off the mask, place it in a resealable plastic bag inside a mesh laundry bag
  • Wash your hands
  • Machine or hand-wash in warm or hot water using standard or natural laundry detergent
  • Tie the elastic loops to ensure they don’t come off in the machine
  • Use a mesh or net bag and wash with clothes or towels to increase durability
  • Hang to dry or tumble dry at low temperature
  • Securely wash or discard the plastic bag to reduce risks of contamination
  • plastique à la fin de la journée pour réduire les risques de contamination

Please note that, for reasons of health and safety, no exchanges or refunds will be allowed for orders delivered or in the process of delivery. View our return, refund and warranty policies.

We produce masks that are constantly evolving as a result of our technical discoveries and sourcing from our suppliers. It is therefore possible that the purchased product may differ slightly from the image or description, but it will always be for the best!

The Frëtt team will donate part of the profits from the sales masks to Deuil Jeunesse Quebec.

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